Customer Testimonials

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Timothy Finney last weekend. He gave me a sample package of "Timothy's Smooth Skin Shaving Gel". It is tops ... the best! I shave every day and find it relaxing and very pleasant. Since I take shaving seriously, I've tried shaving products from all over the world (literally). But having tried "Timothy's Shaving gel" I have no need to look further. I've just ordered (3) 6oz tubes and will be a regular customer in the future. Thanks for introducing me to your product Mr. F. I've recommended you to my facebook friends and hopefully they too will become happy customers.


Tim, we met in Hartford at the show. Me and my two buddies bought the shave cream from you. I used the cream product today and I have to tell you it’s a great product. You have a winner! Wow. Even with a 3 day old beard, what a great shave. It applies easily and I left it on for about a minute. You sold me and you were dead on. Thanks, Mike


Hands down it is THE BEST shave gel I have ever used and I've used a few at 70 years old. Ok tell everyone about this product THANK YOU!!!!!!" -Fred K.


"I have been shaving for over 50 years. I have probably tried all of the shaving creams on the market-none are even close to the quality of Timothy's. I will continue to use this product as long as they have it on the market" -John N.


"The Timothy's Smooth Skin Shave Gel is the best pre-shave product I have used. Further, the item arrived on time, and it was accompanied a handwritten thank-you note. This level of service assured me there is personal attention at this company, and any issue that may arise in the future would be handled in a similar fashion. I highly recommend Timothy's." -Jonathan 


"I have been using Timothy's Smooth Skin Shave Gel for about a year now and honestly I can say I wont be buying another shaving cream or gel besides this one...it is the most "at ease" shaving experience you will have! This is a no brainier for sensitive skin, Innovative product!"   -Ryan C.


"Timothy's is great and this gel product is fantastic. my husband has very sensitive skin the shave gel he used to use we cant find any longer so we tried Timothy's and it is BETTER than what we used before."-Vicki S.


"I was skeptical, not knowing there could be a difference in shaving creams, but WOW, what a great experience, it is everything it claims, your face feels great all day long!! I used the cream and can't wait to try the gel next.......this product is a winner!!"  -Mike C.


"Excellent non-foaming shave gel that makes it easy to shave around facial hair! Exactly what I was looking for and it gives me a closer shave more than I expected using several types of razors."  -Dan S.


Timothy's Skin Care Gel is my husband's favorite shaving product. Over the years, he tried many products and changed often. After trying a sample of Timothy's, he said that he had found just what he needed and said that he never wanted to run out. Thank you so much for the great product! T. Perry


I was a bit reluctant to try a new product, especially when the request came from Tim himself in a clothing store during the holiday season of 2014. At that time, I was currently using a shave gel from a well known men's line and was happy with the product. Given this chance meeting with Tim, I thought "what have I got to lose" by sampling his product. It was strange shaving without visual confirmation of something on my skin, like foam, but I continue to be impressed with the quality of the shave. The first samples came in a small tube and I was able to get two complete face and head shaves with two applications each time. Not only does the product go a long way, the results are far better than what I achieved from my previous products. So grateful for that holiday meeting with Tim at my favorite work out gear store!  Sean C.


Timothy, I wanted to let you know I really liked the clear gel. I use the gel as a protective base layer under plain old mass market shave creams to get a great comfortable shave. Barry G.


I have used the gel and cream for over a year and like the products It is smooth to shave with and doesn't dry out my skin. I would recommend it highly. Ev


Timothy's Soft Skin Shave Cream works great in the shower. The steam in the shower tends to break down most shave creams and gels, but not this one. I have tried multiple products over the years, and Timothy's is the best I have found. Mike B.