Dermatologist Recommended Conditioner for thinning hair

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Timothy's Volumizing Glycolic Conditioner 

Dry and thinning hair is not easy to manage and can be difficult to style. Stay away from unmanageable hair with hair conditioning and expert scalp therapy with Timothy’s Glycolic Conditioner.The scientifically designed and dermatologist-developed hair conditioner is the perfect antidote for dry, frizzy, and thinning hair. The Glycolic acid in the formula encourages hair growth by increasing keratin protein production.Glycolic acid also works its magic on the scalp. It is an expert exfoliator. The compound is useful in battling the buildup of unseemly flaky skin on the scalp. Flaky skin can clog the pores on the scalp and hamper healthy hair growth. Also, the alpha lipoic acid, another component in the Glycolic Conditioner, has anti-inflammatory properties. The compound soothes the scalp skin, which results in better scalp health.The glycolic hair conditioner balances the pH of the scalp, repairs damage caused by chemical and heat treatment of hair and makes the hair much more manageable.

  • VOLUMIZING EFFECT: Glycolic acid encourages keratin production. This works like a keratin treatment to make the hair stronger, resulting in fuller and thicker hair.
  • MOISTURIZES SCALP: The scientifically advanced formula nourishes and hydrates the scalp. The alpha lipoic acid removes the dead skin cells, soothes itching and provides relief from skin irritation.
  • IMPROVES HAIR QUALITY: It smooths out the rough hair and brings its shine back. The glycolic acid makes the hair softer, tangle-free, more manageable, and easier to style. It offers great hair care for dry hair.
  • REPAIRS DAMAGE: Dermatologist developed formula balances the hair and scalp pH, thereby encouraging growth. It also repairs hair treated with heat from curling irons, and chemicals from styling products.
  • DAILY USE: Timothy’s Glycolic Conditioner can be used as a daily hair conditioner. It protects thinning hair and makes it look full and vibrant every day. Can be used by both men and women.



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