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Shaving Cream

Timothy’s premium soft skin shaving cream is designed to make shaving comfortable and effective. It is a lightweight, white shaving cream that will lift the hair away from the skin so you can achieve the closest, cleanest shave possible. This cream is specifically designed to be soft and non-foaming so it doesn’t clog your razor blade. This keeps your razor sharp and improves your accuracy while shaving.  Importantly, the paraben-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic formula will soothe your skin every time you shave to leave you with a glowing complexion and more confidence. Shop Timothy’s shaving cream today and get free shipping to your door.

Shaving Gel

Ten years ago, we developed Timothy’s smooth skin shave gel. It is a clear shaving gel that does not foam up when applied to the skin. This allows you to see exactly what you're doing as you shave which minimizes cuts and razor bumps and results in a clean, confident shave that moisturizes the skin as you shave. And as with our shaving cream, our shaving gel is also free of irritation-causing chemicals. Order Timothy’s shave gel for smoother skin today.

Why People Love Timothy's

Sensitive Skin Formula

Our products were scientifically developed by medical experts and extensively RIPT tested to ensure our premium shave cream and shave gel are safe for sensitive skin types, work to minimize irritation, and allow for a superior, close shave you can achieve with confidence.

No Irritants

Timothy’s shaving gel and cream contain concentrated, high-quality formulas free from parabens, fragrances, alcohol, allergens, and sulfates to ensure the products will soothe the skin so you feel comfortable  every time you shave.

Cruelty Free 

Absolutely no animal testing is used to create our products. We believe in creating cruelty-free products backed by science using only the best ingredients that are proven to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and comfortable while you achieve a luxurious, clean shave.

Free Shipping

Shop our store online to get Timothy’s premium shave cream and gel shipped to your front door for free. We even carry travel-sized versions of our products so you can maintain an exceptionally close and smooth shave while you’re on the go.

Money Back Guarantee

Because we know our products are the best on the market, you can purchase Timony’s Skincare today with confidence because of our money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our shaving products, we will refund your purchase with no questions asked.

Man Shaving

A More Confident Shave

Your shave is only as good as the shaving products you use. That’s why we do what we do. We've helped thousands of people shave with confidence by creating dermatologist-recommended, Premium shave cream formulated using only the best ingredients for your skin. 

Our shaving cream is paraben-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free making Timothy's the premium shaving solution for people with sensitive skin. Not only are our products safe for all skin types, but they are also specially designed to be light and non-foaming so they don't clog or dull razors. This allows you to achieve a super sleek shave as the razor glides directly over your skin.

Our shave gel and cream for sensitive skin are specifically designed to eliminate shaving irritation and prevent cuts, nicks, and razor bumps. Whether you're shaving your whole face, detailing a mustache or beard, or cleaning up other areas of your body, our products will help you achieve a superior shave.

Gel REviews


I have been using Timothy's Smooth Skin Shave Gel for about a year now and honestly I can say I wont be buying another shaving cream or gel besides this is the most "at ease" shaving experience you will have! This is a no brainier for sensitive skin, it basically just falls off your face with very minimal razor contact. Innovative product!

R. C.


Timothy's Skin Care Gel is my husband's favorite shaving product. Over the years, he tried many products and changed often. After trying a sample of Timothy's, he said that he had found just what he needed and said that he never wanted to run out. I try to make sure that doesn't happen. I just placed a large order for another supply. Timothy himself provided exception service. Thank you so much for your assistance and for the great product!

M. F.

Cream REviews

Shave Cream

Love this stuff! Best shave cream out of the many I have tried. Transparent so you can trim carefully around facial hair, but enough foam so you can see where you have not yet shaved. Protects your skin, no razor bumps and gives me the closest shave!

M. F.


I was skeptical, not knowing there could be a difference in shaving creams, but WOW, what a great experience, it is everything it claims, your face feels great all day long!! I used the cream and can't wait to try the gel next.......this product is a winner!!

M. C.