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Our Story

We Understand Sensitive Skin

Growing up with oily acne-prone skin, I realized the importance of quality skincare products at a young age. Enduring years of shave irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs, I was always on a quest for shave products that wouldn’t irritate my skin. My search was futile – until now.

After working in the medical industry, I have gained the knowledge and experience to develop the superior shaving products I had always searched for. My vision for a breakthrough, innovative shave line is now a reality with Timothy’s Skincare. I know you will enjoy the shaving products as much as I do.

Our shaving and grooming product line is designed for men and women with sensitive skin. Our products do not contain any alcohol, fragrance or parabens. Our products were also tested to be hypo-allergenic. We also have added a proprietary lubricating polymer, which allows the razor blade to glide effortlessly across the beard delivering a close and comfortable shave.

I pride myself on offering you only the highest quality products and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

All the best,


Timothy S. Finney