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Shaving Cream vs Shaving Gel: Which Is Right For You?

Shaving Cream vs Shaving Gel: Which Is Right For You?

Published by Tim Finney on Jun 26th 2023

Getting a clean shave is something that men and women both want, yet struggle to achieve. On top of that, they face common shaving challenges like razor burn, irritation, and dry skin in their journey to get that coveted close shave. It’s recommended that you apply a shaving cream or gel to get the best results, but how do you know which is right for you? There’a great debate between shaving cream vs gel, with both sides arguing that one is better than the other. Keep reading to learn the difference between the two and whether shaving cream or gel is better for your needs.

Shaving Cream

Before we get into shaving cream vs gel, we should be clear about what shaving cream actually is. When most people think of shaving cream, the first thing that comes to mind are the products in aerosol cans. However, that’s a misnomer, because those are shaving foams – not cream. The product in the aerosol cans is accompanied by a lot of air, which creates the familiar, fluffy appearance. Shaving cream has a denser formula than foams, and can be applied with or without a small amount of water on your skin.

Shaving Gel

As its name indicates, this product comes in the form of a gel, with a thicker consistency. When dispensed, shaving gel comes out clear – unlike shaving creams, which appear fluffy and white. They are also usually slicker than cream.

Shaving Cream vs Gel

set of shaving tools

So, is shaving cream or gel better? It comes down to your preference and the features you’re looking for in your shaving product. Are you looking for more visibility with your shaving product? Does your skin need more moisturization? Considerations like these will help guide which product is best for you.


Some men and women want to have the classic rich lather experience when they shave. This feature is one of the biggest differences in shaving cream vs gel. When most shaving creams are combined with a little water, a thick, soapy lather is created. However, this actually provides no useful benefit. On the contrary, it can make it difficult to shave because it obscures what you’re doing, and the foam is caused by sulfates which may cause skin irritation.

All gels, on the other hand, tend to produce less lather. Does that mean shaving gel is better than cream when it comes to lather? For most shaving products – yes. But with Timothy’s Skincare, all our premium shaving products are non-foaming and irritant-free.


rinsing razor in sink

Another factor to consider with shaving cream vs gel is the consistency of your product. While it may not seem as important, it’s a huge issue encountered by those looking for a closer shave. Why is it such a big deal? When shaving gels and creams are too thick or dense, they can clog razors quickly – which is a cause of common shaving issues like nicks, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

Any shaving product can build up on razor blades over time, especially if you’re not rinsing after every pass, but thicker and high-foaming consistencies will definitely cause your razor blades to clog, increasing your rinsing, and overall shave time. That’s why we’ve made sure Timothy’s Shave Cream and Shave Gel are carefully formulated to minimize clogging of razors.

Moisturization and Skin Protection

If you have sensitive skin or skin prone to dryness, the level of moisturization and protection are vastly important when considering shaving cream vs gel. You don’t want to sacrifice the health or comfort of your skin just for the sake of a close shave.

Both of Timothy’s Shave Gel and Shave Cream are designed to give you a close shave and protect your skin from the sharp blades of razors. They are both formulated to be gentle for all skin types while simultaneously hydrating your skin as you shave. That’s why determining whether shaving cream or gel is better is easy as pie when you shop at Timothy’s Skincare.

Many other brands’ shaving products, particularly gels, have been formulated using alcohol, a known skin irritating and drying ingredient. On the other hand, most creams also contain skin-irritating ingredients like sulfates and fragrances which also leave your skin feeling dry.

Shaving Cream vs Gel: Razor Glide

Whether you have plenty of time to shave or you’re in a rush, you want your razor to easily glide closely and smoothly across your skin to avoid any irritation or discomfort. Your shaving product plays a huge role in achieving this result, and it all has to do with the consistency and moisture. Timothy’s Skincare premium shaving products moisturizes your skin, doesn’t clog your razor with excessive foaming, and since they don’t foam, they let you see where you’re shaving. Because of those three features, you can expect a better, closer glide than other shaving products on the market. And that’s not to mention that all of Timothy’s products are HRIPT-tested and free of common skin irritants!

Is Shaving Cream or Gel Better?

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Using a shaving product is a must-have to provide a slick, smooth layer of protection for your skin and help prevent dryness caused by shaving. So, which is best in the great shaving cream vs gel debate? The truth is, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to Timothy’s Skincare.

Consider the features that matter most to you with shaving cream vs gel. Shaving cream is an excellent option for when you want a more traditional shave experience. Shaving gel is great if you like a more slick-feeling product. Both are the choice for increased shaving visibility, added moisturization, and achieving a better razor glide without skin irritation.

Choosing Shaving Cream vs Gel

Regardless of your skin type or what you’re shaving, you should choose a product that offers you moisturization and protection, and is free from alcohols and irritating ingredients. Knowing the difference between shaving cream and shaving gel helps you make a more informed decision about which works best for you.

Finding the right shaving product for your skin is the first step toward achieving a better, closer shave. For a confident shave, there is no wrong choice when using Timothy’s Skincare.

About the Author

Tim Finney is the Founder/CEO of Timothy's Skincare. He grew up with sensitive skin and quickly learned the value of quality shave products. He started Timothy's when he noticed a lack of true sensitive skin shaving products for men. With a background in medicine, Tim decided to develop an innovative, clinically significant shaving gel and cream. He designed the products to deliver a clean, comfortable shave without irritation. Timothy’s shave cream and gel are hypo-allergenic and free of common skin irritants. Tim is an accomplished entrepreneur with years of experience in sales and marketing of medical equipment.